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Drupal 8 Advantages That Make You Excited

There has lots of discussion on Drupal 8 about what are the key features, advantages it comes with. For your information Drupal 8 has been coming with lots of good changes, that not only gives benefits to web developers but also useful non-technical users who do regular updating of blogs and business websites. Even very big e-Commerce sites, government, education websites are using the Drupal platform.

Drupal is a successful open source platform with CMS over the years the reason behind their success they always made huge changes their journey started from Drupal 4.6 to present Drupal 8, and look forward to big changes. Drupal 7 is the fantastic open source platform, it carries all the features like web security, size, mobile friendly, search engine optimization, etc. Over a half million users are using Drupal its success ratio makes you know about how efficient it is.

2015 finally going to be a good year for the community of Drupal, Drupal 8 release are fixed to know read here

Let’s take a look on advantages that makes you excited about Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Uses Symfony2 Framework:

Drupal 8 has moved to be more target oriented by using Symfony2 Framework.  Symfony2 is a PHP based web application framework that sticks with MVC architecture. Symfony2 give a room to third party components and it is an open source project carries MIT License.

Symfony Components in Drupal 8 Core

HttpKernel and HttpFoundation:

These are very much helpful in making the process of converting the request into response with the help of EventDispatcher.


It performs the Mediator pattern in a simple and effective way where the code does not work out, it makes application huge extensible.


This tool is very much helpful in providing autoload class and caches their location. The even autoloading mechanism is used by PHP that delegate the loading file which defines the class in a condition where you required a class which has not been included yet or required. Symfony carries autoloaders like PSR-0 Class Loader etc.

Drupal 8 Utilize Twig:

Drupal 8 utilize Twig template engine. This option is especially for the themers who never think again of other options. Fabien Potencier who had developed Twig, Even Symfony is also developed by him, which is finally included in Drupal 8

Symfony – Third Party Collections

Assetic in Drupal 8:

Assets to be known as an Asset Management framework. Asset in Drupal posses with JavaScript files, css files, images, metadata, etc. These assets separate out content that loaded and dumped. To operate these assets, you have to implement concern filters active. To know about the filters in which movement it can be performed you need to go bit depth in the coming days we will write on Assetic Github Page.

EasyRDF with Drupal 8:

EasyRDF is a PHP library that has been included with Drupal 8 in providing comfort in consuming and creating RDF. Drupal 8 now gets the capability of bringing out metadata in the convenient way with the help of EasyRDF.


Here we have shared a few of Symfony components and third party components, and there is a big list of it, we would share it in coming articles. Symfony has added value to Drupal 8 in quality and performance wise.

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