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Websites that Rank

While we don't implement a full SEO program, we do incredible website optimization which makes our sites very search engine friendly. This on-page optimization includes the following items to enhance your website for future search engine marketing. Up to 25 pages will be titled and tagged for your keywords and additionally other features upgraded on your website architecturally:

  • Enhanced footer
  • Feedburner
  • Global Redirect
  • htaccess Modification
  • Meta Tag Module
  • Page Title Module
  • Meta Description Module
  • PathAuto
  • RSS Feed
  • Google Analytics
  • Statistics
  • XML Sitemap

This is not search engine optimization marketing but part of the best practices a website can deploy to enhance their search engine results. A true search engine marketing campaign may be needed to get desired results. Some of our clients, especially non profits do very well with this amount of work in their market segment.